Homecoming is the fourth episode of the sixth season of New Girl, the 120th episode overall. It forms the second part of a crossover with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the first part of the latter being entitled "The Night Shift", which aired immediately before.


Jess and the gang head to New York, where Schmidt believes he is being honored at his high school. Jess meets Jake Peralta and helps him on a case, which leads her to Brooklyn's 99th Precinct and a fateful encounter with Gina Linetti and Capt. Raymond Holt. Meanwhile, Nick and Winston scramble to make subway fare, while trying to impress Charles Boyle, and Cece faces off with her new mother-in-law.




Special Guest StarsEdit

Special Guest StarEdit

Guest StarringEdit

  • Nora Dunn as Louise
  • Christopher Darga as Bearded Customer
  • Allegra Edwards as Marissa Blumenstock


  • Darren Dupree Washington as Tall Deli
  • Calvin C. Winbush as Bucket Drummer
  • Antonio Raul Corbo as Nikolaj Boyle
  • Courtney Munch as Tough Mother
  • Tom Gatto as Impatient Deli

Recurring ThemesEdit


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