For the character, see Reagan Lucas.

Reagan is the 6th episode of Season 5 on FOX comedy New Girl.


A beautiful pharmaceutical rep enters the gang's life when she agrees to sublet Jess' room while she is on jury duty.


Jake Johnson as Nick Miller
Max Greenfield as Schmidt
Lamorne Morris as Winston Bishop
Hannah Simone as Cece Parekh

Special Guest Star

Megan Fox as Reagan Lucas

Guest starring

Nasim Pedrad as Aly Nelson


  • Billy Armstrong as Hunky Customer
  • Hillary Anne Matthews as Jen
  • Claude Knowlton as Dr. Don Richards
  • Frank Birney as Old Man
  • Aliee Chan as Receptionist
  • Elizabeth Meriwether as Miserable Woman

Recurring ThemesEdit

  • Nick's handyman skills: Nick is unable to install a rain shower.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Creator Elizabeth Meriwether makes a cameo in this episode.
  • Reagan and Cece worked together at MTV Beach House in 2003.
  • Reagan and Cece had hooked up once.
  • When Schmidt was trying to process his emotions, he air drums Nick Cannon from Drumline
  • Schmidt has not gotten Cece a ring yet.