Road Trip is the 17th episode of the fifth season of New Girl, the show's 111th episode overall.


After being emasculated in front of Cece, Schmidt insists on a manly bachelor party weekend in Vegas, but the road trip goes awry when the guys end up at a desert biker bar and he must put his newfound bravado to the test.




Guest StarringEdit

  • Nelson Franklin as Robby
  • Fred Melamed as J. Cronkite Valley Forge
  • Rob Riggle as Big Schmidt
  • Patrick Brammall as Dusty Sand
  • Aaron Behr as Toby
  • Aaron Takahashi as Car Rental Employee


  • Schno Mozingo as Blaze Sand
  • Mariko Van Kampen as Dawna
  • Paul A. Hicks as Patron

Recurring ThemesEdit


Notes & TriviaEdit


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