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Schmidt-Cece Relationship
Cece and Schmidt before their break up on Double Date
General Information
Nickname Schmice
History They first met in Pilot, they hook up on Valentine's Day and start their first relationship. Schmidt break up with Cece on See Ya but they still inlove each other. In Elaine's Big Day Schmidt sabotage Cece's wedding and she tell him that wants to be try it again. In Double Date Cece breaks up with Schmidt when she discovers that he was dating Elizabeth at the same time.
Latest relationship
Started dating Elaine's Big Day
Ended dating Double Date
Status dating/future wife and future husband

This page tracks the on-off relationship between Schmidt and Cece.


Since Schmidt and Cece met, he - along with all the other guys in the loft - showed an awkward mostly physical interest over her. In the episode Cece Crashes, she manipulates the guys into doing everything she wants, but she only apologizes to Schmidt, the one who suffered the most trying to conquer her. They sleep in the same bed together and holding hands. Until the episode Secrets, Schmidt and Cece secretly dated, although they tried not to get feelings involved into it and kept their relationship mostly physical, because Cece could not deny she was physically attracted to Jess' roommate. Its in this same episode that the truth comes out, but is only later that she grants Schmidt a real life date where he can "show her off". After getting to know about the truth, Nick and Winston are mostly stunned about it, not able to believe what have Schmidt done and Jess is a little reluctant to accept it, but ends up surrending to her friends' relationship. Jealousy start to grow around their relationship. Cece's job become a major influence on Schmidt's feelings for the fact that she's dealing with attractive man in dangerous ways. They even have a minor break-up where Schmidt show he's done with Cece by sleeping with her friend Nadia and accidentally breaking his penis during sexual intercourse with her. They get back together as Cece apologizes, but need to stay away because of his medical condition. In the final episode of the first season, See Ya, Schmidt is finally posessed by jealousy and can't endure Cece texting the guy she's working with and goes through her cellphone. She's mad at him and they break-up, with Schmidt playing a "White Fangs" style to scare her off, what just makes her sadder, heartbroken and angry towards him.

Season OneEdit


After she breaks up with her cheating boyfriend, Spencer, Jess moves into an L.A. loft with Nick, Schmidt, and Coach. At first, the guys are unsure about moving in with a girl, but the fact that her best friend Cece is a model is the tipping point that causes Schmidt to make the executive decision that Jess should move into the loft

After the first week, her best friend Cece meets the guys for the first time. She stares them down on the sofa, and Schmidt removes his shirt to show off his toned torso, prompting Nick and Coach to pass him the "Douchebag Jar" for a series of unabashed donations. His attraction to her is instant. Cece promises the guys she'll crazy-murder them if they let anything bad happen to Jess, who is preparing for a rebound date in her bedroom. Schmidt offers one sexist comment too many, and Cece gets up, unimpressed.


In a bid to get back her things from Spencer, Jess takes Cece and her new roommates for moral support. On the drive to Spencer's house, Cece is squished in the backseat with Schmidt and Winston, the group's newest roommate. She is forced to listen to a compilation of screamo and heavy metal from Winston's pump-up mix, as Schmidt and Winston argue over who is the Top Dog. She asks Jess to unlock the car doors so she can roll out and kill herself, but is intrigued by Schmidt's snide reply - "Men working."

Cece CrashesEdit

Following a break-up with her European DJ boyfriend, Gavin, Cece asks Jess if she can crash at the loft for a few days - until Gavin has removed his belongings from the apartment she shares with her model roommates. Jess is initially reluctant, but Schmidt and Winston are immediately on board once Jess reveals how loose Cece gets when she drinks. After a dance party in the living room with Schmidt and Winston, Schmidt "sheepdogs" her into his bed, while he takes the couch.

The next morning, Schmidt covers himself in baby oil and hangs upside down from a pair of anti-gravity boots above the doorway. When Cece wakes up, hungover, he tries to pass off that he's done 4,000 pull-ups, but instead he passes out when the blood rushes to his head. Concerned, Cece jumps up to check on him but he wakes up, and the only way for her to leave the room to get a glass of water is to swing his oiled body out of the way.

Schmidt and Winston both try to make Cece notice them, though she says she isn't interested and winds up getting them to dote on her. Schmidt is far more determined to attract Cece, and Winston teases him about his inability to close with women - but this only makes him more determined than ever.

Because he doesn't wash off the baby oil, he gets a sunburn from trying to hang with Cece on the roof of the building. Then, he insults her heritage by listing off all the banal things he says he loves about India. In retaliation, she tricks him into heading back up to the roof to wait for her (and she subsequently forgets she sent him up there), where he's attacked by a feral cat.

That night, Schmidt is having trouble sleeping on the couch when his sunburn starts to blister, so he walks into his room and pitifully asks Cece if he can sleep there with her, instead. Cece agrees, and after he settles between the covers she slowly reaches over to grab his hand. Schmidt is deliriously excited, but Cece tells him that if he tells anyone they held hands, she has two people in her phone that would murder him. Though he doesn't say anything about the hands, he immediately phones Winston, sitting in the living room, when Cece drifts to sleep, letting him know he's in bed with Cece right now and says, "This feels a lot like closing!"


Jess new crush, Paul, is a fellow teacher at her school, and she invites him to Thanksgiving with her roommates without asking him first - and without any knowledge of how to cook a huge holiday dinner. The guys are initially against the idea of hosting Thanksgiving at the loft, but Jess manages to sway Schmidt - and get his help in the kitchen - when she promises to invite Cece, too.

The next day, Cece arrives for Thanksgiving and joins Schmidt in the kitchen to help prepare food. But germophobic Schmidt is appalled by her kitchen hygiene standards, and yells at her. He calls her a "beautiful savage" before throwing out all the walnuts she'd been preparing. Taken aback, Cece later tells Jess how attractive she finds Schmidt when he's upset with her. This grosses Jess out, but she's too busy mediating the obvious tension between Nick and Paul to get involved.

Back in the kitchen, Schmidt is telling Cece how to mash potatoes, and she playfully smears them on Schmidt's face. He loses it, and Cece smiles. Later, just to play with him after he apologizes for freaking out, she sticks her whole hand in a bowl of pudding and seductively licks her fingers. Schmidt nearly hurls, but he can't look away.

The 23rdEdit

Schmidt finds a boutique on Third Street that lets customers design their own perfume, and gifts Cece with her own scent - Cecelia No.5 - for Christmas. He gives it to her at a shoot for a Bolivian diet pill, asking her to be proud of him because he gives her the gift without looking at her chest - which is exposed in a small black bikini. He's jealous when he realizes that Cece has a boyfriend - a tall model-type named Kyle who's at the shoot with her - but Schmidt ignores him.

Later that night, Cece brings Kyle to Schmidt's office party, and she meets up with Jess, Nick, Winston, and Paul outside the building. Inside, Schmidt is playing Sexy Santa in Jess' red velvet short shorts and a Santa hat, but little else.

After chatting with Jess inside the washroom about her relationship issues with Paul, Cece realizes that Kyle's a terrible boyfriend and pulls out Schmidt's perfume. She spritzes a little on her wrists, but chokes from the horrendous smell - the result of Schmidt combining sea salt, cocoa, and sandalwood, the three scents that most reminded him of Cece.

She finds Schmidt at the party, taking a break from playing Sexy Santa because he hates the gig but is forced to do it by his boss, Kim. Cece tells him to stand up to Kim to get respect, and he catches a whiff of Cecelia No.5. "It smells like a dirty dish towel," he remarks. He follows Cece's advice with Kim, and gets his way - "Sexy Santa is dead!" he proclaims.

Jess & JuliaEdit

Schmidt has been ranting about his always-damp towel, so he takes to leaving his towel in his room with his dehumidifier. But one night, when Jess has Cece and her lesbian gynecologist friend, Sadie, over for Crochet Night, he comes out of the shower realizing he's left his towel in his room. He drapes himself with a tiny brown washcloth and walks through the living room, imploring the women not to look. but he's disappointed when he realizes they aren't actually looking, and slips on the kitchen floor.

Only then do the women look, to laugh at his penis, and his towel rant quickly turns into a sex rant - namely, all the sex he isn't having, even though he thought he'd have lots when he moved in with a girl roommate. Of Jess, he remarks that they will never happen, reminds Sadie that she "samples from the gumbo pot," but tells a quiet Cece, "You, I will never give up!"

Valentine's DayEdit

Though Cece has plans with Kyle for Valentine's Day, she alters their plans a little when she discovers that Jess is planning to find a one-night stand on a night out with Schmidt. She gets him to meet her at the bar later, while she heads out with Jess and Schmidt.

Jess isn't having much luck finding a one-night stand - every guy she chats up, she has too much in common with. Schmidt and Cece run interference, encouraging her to find a really hot guy with whom she has nothing in common. She delivers, bringing back sexy Oliver, who really loves lunch, before heading off to spend the evening flirting with him and leaving Schmidt and Cece alone on a sofa. Schmidt makes eyes at a busty redhead, and Cece offers to make her jealous by fawning all over him. But Schmidt says it's not a good idea, because he says Cece's far too beautiful, and would make the girl think she'd never have a chance with him. They nearly kiss, but they're interrupted by Kyle, who shows up high on magic mushrooms. Frustrated, Cece leaves to spend the night taking care of Kyle, imploring Schmidt to keep an eye on Jess.

When Jess goes home with a 'web designer' she gets Schmidt to drive her to the house, he then stays causing Jess to panic and call Cece to take Schmidt home. When they arrive her boyfriend starts to make out with Jess's stands ex girlfriend. Schmidt then leaves with Cece, who leaves her (ex) boyfriend at the house. Later Schmidt talks to Jess at their loft, Jess misreads this and almost goes into Schmidts room for sex but Nick stops her. Inside his room, you then see Cece and Schmidt about to have sex. The next morning Jess calls Cece to tell her about what almost happened the night before. Cece is still in Schmidts bed in her underwear and tells Jess if she had hit on Schmidt it would have been "pretty crazy". Cece ends the call and Schmidt rolls over and hugs her implying they both go back to sleep.

The two then decide to have a no strings attached relationship based entirely on sex, however they decide to keep it secret as Cece is embarressed to be seen with Schmidt.

Fancyman (Part 2)Edit

Cece allows Schmidt to choose a place for them to have sex, he chooses his car or 'the manbulance' which Winston uses to drive to Mexico, still with them in the back of the car naked. He does not realise they are in their until going through US customs on his way back to the loft. Winston's discovery means he is the only person other than Cece and Schmidt to know about their relationship.


Jess and Cece are set to run a 5K run together for an unkown cause, however Cece boycots training one morning because she is with with Schmidt who stayed over at her appartment the night before. Meanwhile Winston tells Nick about Cece and Schmidt, who tells Jess. Jess is angry that Cece didn't tell her and the two fight for the rest of their training and the 5K run until Jess sees Schmidt in a T-shirt saying "See Cece run". When she asks Schmidt he says aparrently Cece thought it was funny leading Jess to realise that Cece has feelings for him. Jess then confronts her and Cece admits thatv she 'likes' him.


The episode opens with Cece and Jess discussing her and Schmidt's use of birth control, we find out this is because Cece is apparently pregnant, however she cannot be sure until she takes a pregnancy test, however she cannot do this for six days. Jess asks Schmidt what he was like as baby he tells her he was the 'Bomb diggity" and he was break dancing at eight months, causing Cece to panic, swearing she won't tell him about the possible pregnancy until she is sure. Schmidt puts Cece's change in character downt to the fact she could be developing feelings for him, causing him to book a date at Italy on ice. When he tells Cece she tells him to take another woman. Schmidt taken aback by this tries to make her jelous by calling Nick which results in the two having an arguement and Schmidt storming out of the loft, while Cece to his room. Then as Jess talks to Russel's daughter, Sarah who is throwing a tantrum, about her apparent crush on Nick, Cece throws a counter tantrum back at her, oblivious to the fact Schmidt can hear her, accidently informing him of her potential pregnancy. She  later panics about how un-prepared she is for motherhood and he calms her down. At the episode she is overjoyed when she gets her period.


Cece decides she and Schmidt should take a step back from their relationship after the pregnancy scare. Nadia overhears the conversation and decides that she will date Schmidt. He is fine with this only to make Cece jealous. The date ends with Schmidt going to the hospital with a broken penis. Cece meets him there and the two reconcile.

See YaEdit

Schmidt starts to think that Cece is cheating on him with an attractive and dangerous model she works with. Unable to open himself up about it to her, he finally confronts her when the guys are lost in the desert. He first goes through her cellphone and find a incriminating message from that same model. Cece's angry at him for doing such private invasion, and unable to keep living with that creepy feeling, Schmidt break-up with Cece the "White Fangs" way, telling her to go away and saying he doesn't love her anymore and she must find some friends, because there are none. She's heartbroken for him doing that an uncover his breaking up trick because she just knows Schmidt too well and also knows that "White Fangs" is the only e-book on his tablet.

Season 2Edit

Cece is committed in finding an Indian husband, after she discovered she needs to start having children now. She finds a man to marry. Schmidt begins dating his ex girlfriend Elizabeth and takes her to Cece's wedding. Schmidt notices Cece does not want to get married, so he tries to break up the wedding.

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