The Decision is the 8th episode of the fifth season of New Girl, the show's 102nd episode overall.


Reagan causes chaos between Nick and Winston when she tells them she'll sleep with just one of them in an attempt to challenge the guys' indecisiveness. Meanwhile, Schmidt is reunited with his college frenemy, Benjamin, when looking at wedding venues with Cece.




Special Guest StarEdit

Guest StarringEdit

  • Nasim Pedrad as Aly Nelson
  • David Nehar as Benjamin
  • Angela Trimbur as Mimi
  • Anthony Cavalero as Philip


  • Anthony D. Washington as Worker
  • Ruben Dario as Another Worker
  • Lucas Kwan Peterson as Boss
  • Stone Eisenmann as Young Nick
  • Jordan Fuller as Young Winston
  • Kayla Williams as Cindy De La Garza

Recurring ThemesEdit


Notes & TriviaEdit

When Winston returns to the police station to ask out Aly, her name plate mistakenly reads "Nielson" instead of Nelson.


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