The Gang is built around Jess.

About Edit

When Jess broke up with her boyfriend she moved in with Nick, Schmidt and Coach. Soon Winston moves in an coach moves out only to come back in season 3. Together with her best friend Cece they undergo a lot of funny, extreme and touching moments.

Members of the gangEdit

Jessica Day


She is a teacher always looking on the bright side of life.

Nick Miller

He is a bartender, always a little old fashioned.


He works in marketing, and likes to spend his money on partys. Nobody knows his first name.

Winston Bishop

Winston Bishop

He was a pro-basketball player in Latvia, and worked for a radio channel before becoming a cop.

Cece Parekh

She is a former model and now works with Nick as a bartender. Her parents are from India and she once asked them to arranged-marry her.


He worked as a personal trainer in a fitness club.


Nick and Jess become a couple at the end of season 2.

When Coach moved in, Schmidt moved out and now lives across the hall.


  • The Apartment
  • The Bar

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