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True American is a drinking game invented by Nick, Winston, Schmidt and Coach, and adopted by Jess and Cece when Jess moves in.

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The rules of True American are very elaborate and complicated and never fully explained. True American is first seen in the episode Normal. The game is expanded to include stripping during the episode Cooler, and in Wedding Eve they play 'First Lady Edition' in honour of Cece, the bride.

True American has been played once in every season except season 4. Season 1 it was played in Normal, in Season 2 it was played in Cooler, Season 3 it was played in Mars Landing, Season 5 in Wedding Eve.


Jess – It's 50% drinking game, 50% life size Candy Land
Schmidt – Well it's more like 75% drinking game, 25% Candy Land. By the way, the floor is molten lava.
Winston – It's more 90% drinking game, with a loose Candy Land structure
Jess – Clinton Rules, pick your interns!! (aka strip TADG)

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