• Asnow89

    Season 4 Premiere Party Menu

    September 16, 2014 by Asnow89

    Hey there New Girl fans!

    Who misses Schmidt, Nick, Jess and the gang? I do! To celebrate the premiere of Season 4, invite a few friends over and cook up this New Girl themed menu. Enjoy!

    In the middle of Season 3, the gang had a bunch of Chinese takeout menus stuffed under their door every day. Make this fresh Chinese Asparagus Salad and decorate your party with a bunch of take-out menus for fun.

    Does anyone miss Elizabeth besides me? Remember when she makes Schmidt eat a pizza to make him nicer? Make this four cheese pizza in their honor! Maybe it will make you a little nicer too :)

    Get nerdy with these geek-glasses cupcakes. Mix up these spring cupcakes and top them with plastic glasses as a small ode to Jessica Day!

    Nick Miller is the infamo…

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