I just started watching the show two weeks ago and finished watching the select episodes I wanted to watch in two days. (Hint: They're all of the ones that are heavy on Nick and Jess. Ridiculous, I know. Pathetic, even, I know.)

I've stumbled upon some articles critiquing Nick and Jess' getting together and how it affects the show as a whole in a major way, and Jake Johnson himself has said the same thing. Please excuse any misquotes, but he said that Nick and Jess getting together hurt the show, especially in season three. I don't exactly know what that means. Did it make the ratings go down? I couldn't imagine it would. If anything, they would cause a significant increase, considering the colossal number of people who want them to be together and are completely right in every way.

I didn't read the article in full, because in my current deeply and emotionally invested state, I just didn't think it was worth my time. But now since I'm genuinely curious and want more badges, I wanted to know what you guys think. Now I'm not asking if Nick and Jess are great together, because THEY ARE ,, and so much more, but I'm asking about the show in general.

Does Nick and Jess getting together affect the show? In what way(s)? Does that make it a bad thing? How do you think it could happen in such a way that the show doesn't lose its essence and still remains fresh and remains a show to watch religiously?

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